Pro Affiliates

The below affiliations are intended to build a sports and educational relationship between Beachside and the professional club. By working together, the ultimate goal is to maximize player development.

The areas of common interest to work and develop together are and not limited to, player placement, hosting team, coaches education, clinics, management tools information, scouting education, etc.

The areas to explore in a continuous education field are open in this way in a predisposition of both organizations to work together to finalize a long term and lasting relationship aiming for both, clubs and athletes benefit.

Sporting KC, USA

Sporting KC, U.S.A

Toronto FC, Canada

Toronto, Canada

estudiantes de la plata, argentina

Estudiantes de La Plata, Argentina

HB Koge, Denmark

HB K√łge, Denmark

MSV Duisburg, Germany

MSV Duisburg, Germany