Beachside Abroad

International Team Trips

In April 2017, we had the pleasure to send our 2004 team to participate in the prestigious tournament called the “Mundialito” in Spain. Mundialito is a prestigious tournament held in Spain every year to bring together the best youth clubs and players around the world. The experience of our players interacting on and off the field with players from different parts of the globe was amazing. The opportunity to challenge ourselves in the best youth tournament and against the best youth players in the world was tremendous.

Since 2018 Beachside Soccer Club has been sending youth teams abroad to Argentina, giving our players and families an experience of a lifetime. The opportunity for our players to immerse themselves into a true soccer culture is invaluable.

The opportunity to play and train against some of the best youth teams in Argentina is an experience with infinite value. Boca Juniors, Estudiantes, Lanus, and San Lorenzo are a few of the clubs we have had the pleasure to compete against. The week-long itinerary also includes interactive tours of the local scene allowing our players to engage and learn from a new culture.

These trips have been immensely positive for our players both on and off the field. We have also been fortunate enough to have some players invited back into these top clubs for professional evaluations.

Beachside looks forward to continuing this program in the future and providing the best possible international experience for our players and families.


“Travelling with the team to Buenos Aires with the team was a fantastic experience. I loved watching the boys play against some of the top clubs in South America, and it was great seeing all the facilities from inside. Exploring Buenos Aires itself was a big bonus.” 

–Barry G. of Westport, CT


“Reid and I talk about the trip all the time! A truly amazing experience!! One I know he will remember for a lifetime. As will I. Really can’t begin to thank all of you enough for that experience! And everything you did to make it a first-class, top-notch experience at that. Everything was planned out and so well organized.  Sergio and his crew were incredible! They were on top of it all and really took the boys under their wing. I travel a lot but I know there were a few parents that were nervous about letting their son go on the trip. Well, after seeing it first hand I would have no reservations about allowing Reid to go on the trip by himself. You guys were on top of everything and had it down to a science.”

–David Petrie of Wilton, CT

International Coaches' Trips

We have been very appreciative to our network of connections with some of the most prestigious clubs around the world. Through our various relationships we have been able to enhance the education of our coaching staff. In years past, we have been privileged to have a portion of our staff visit the likes of FC Barcelona (2), Atletico Bilbao, Espanyol, Manchester City and Estudiantes. Our coaches were given exclusive access to all aspects of developing youth players and in turn shared that experience with the rest of our staff and club. It is our goal and responsibility to use these experiences abroad to enhance the knowledge of our coaching staff and enhance our own culture and environment for our players.


“Being able to see the different developmental models up close and personal at both Athletic Club Bilbao and FC Barcelona, was a unique opportunity to take pieces of each world-class academy and bring them back to the players and overall training philosophy at Beachside.  At both clubs, it was fascinating to see the direct correlation between youth development all the way up to their first team.  As coaches and directors,  experiences like these serve as reminders that we can always improve our product, education, and overall environments that we create to best suit the development of our players both on and off the field.”

–Pete Doneit