Our Club

Welcome to Beachside Soccer. We hope this site gives you a glimpse of life within what our coaches, players, and parents refer to as the Beachside Family. We invite you to take some time to explore the Beachside of Connecticut Soccer Club web site and learn more about what makes our club such a unique and effective developmental opportunity for the area’s most committed and talented youth soccer players.

The Start

First Beachside Team Photo in 1994
1994 U12 Team Photo
2021 U12 Team Photo
2021 U12 Team Photo

Our Mission

“Our product is positive people.”

Beachside of Connecticut Soccer Club is a leading premier soccer program for young athletes in New England, featuring teams that compete and succeed at the regional level. The program emphasizes the development of personal values including commitment to excellence and sportsmanship, as well as, technical, tactical, and team skills needed to bring each player to his highest level of soccer competency.

We believe, from over 27 years of experience, that our coaching expertise, and our competitive and challenging environment, can combine to shape our athletes into positive young adults and competent soccer players.

At Beachside we are grateful to have athletes of all backgrounds and interests. Every one of our athletes is very important to us. That is why it is imperative that we maintain a healthy outlook on the sport. While winning and playing both attractive and effective soccer is important to us, developing our athletes’ personal values and soccer talents is more important.

Since 1994, the uniqueness of Beachside continues: we have not compromised our integrity, have maintained our high professional standards and player expectations, and have emphasized a flexible, technical, and attractive style of play. Over the long run, our setbacks have been equally as important to growth as our success: it is in part through our setbacks and disappointments that our club has risen to the top and differentiated itself.

This consistent and positive environment has enabled Beachside to develop into the most successful soccer club with regard to player development, on and off the field, in the region. Our track record speaks for itself, and our coaches, players, and parents have all played a role in our success and development as a club over the past 27 years.

We take pride in providing a well-rounded soccer program that gives every one of our athletes the groundwork to be successful in any opportunity that may come their way.

— Mickey Kydes, Founder and Coaching Director

Very rarely in life do you come across someone whose passion and devotion inspire you to exceed your own self-conceived boundaries to reach a level of potential that you never knew you could. I attribute a great deal of my own personal success on the athletic field, in the classroom and in the boardroom to Mickey Kydes, as the lessons that he espouses relate to all aspects of life. Growing up, I spent as much time with Beachside and my teammates as I did with my own family and it was during these formative years that I was taught about discipline, integrity, friendship, and sacrifice. Beachside has always felt more like a family than a soccer club, and Mickey and Beachside have always maintained an open-door policy when it comes to issues regarding soccer and life. Beachside has played an important role in my life since I was 10. The lessons I have learned and values that have become my own over the years while playing for Beachside and coaching with Mickey in his summer camps and local youth programs will stay with me for the rest of my life.