Beachside Soccer Club has Landed in Texas for the Inaugural MLS Next Cup!

After an unpredictable season, the MLS Next Cup kick off’s with the nation’s top boys clubs congregating to Texas to see who will be crowd MLS Next Cup Champion.

The MLS Next Cup will run a “Playoff & Showcase” format event. The top 32 teams in the country for each age group: U15 – U19, based by points per game from this Spring Season, will participate in a Playoff, single round elimination tournament.

Beachside proudly has two teams qualified for the MLS Next Cup Playoffs.

U16 (2005) & U19 (2002-03) 

The U17 (2004) missed the playoffs by one point

"To have two teams qualify for the playoffs in the MLS Next platform’s inaugural season is a fantastic accomplishment for our club. The MLS Next platform is the highest level of youth soccer our country has to offer. It has provided our players a developmental model where hard work, dedication, determination, sacrifice and discipline must be shown on a consistent basis to compete. Through the rigors of competition, our players have the opportunity to learn valuable life lessons which we hope last them a lifetime."

Beachside Soccer Club is the only club in Southern Connecticut and Westchester County to have any teams qualify for the Playoffs. With the NCAA dead period being lifted, the MLS Next Cup is the best opportunity for any player to be recruited to college, and progress to the next level of their soccer career. At Beachside, on average, 85 – 90% of our graduating seniors commit to play soccer at the college level.

Due to the hard work of our Parents, Players, and Coaching Staff, Beachside has navigated through the ever changing COVID pandemic, and has come out stronger than before.

“The MLS Next Cup is exactly what our teams needed at this point in the year. The boys have been competing all year long, dealing with adversity, sticking together, and representing Beachside on a regional level. Now they have an opportunity to showcase their individual and collective talents on the national stage, and I know they’ll make the club proud."

Game Schedule

10:00 am Kickoff – U16 (2005) vs BW Gottschee: Playoff Game

2:00 pm Kickoff – U15 (2006) vs San Antonio FC (USL): Showcase Game

9:00 am Kickoff – U17 (2004) vs FC Cincinnati (MLS): Showcase Game

10:00 am Kickoff – U19 (2002-03) vs Chicago Fire (MLS): Playoff Game

11:00 am Kickoff – U17 (2004) vs Phoenix Rising (USL): Showcase Game

1:00 pm Kickoff – U15 (2006) vs TSF Academy: Showcase Game

11:00 am Kickoff – U15 (2006) vs LA United Futbol Academy: Showcase Game
10:00 am Kickoff – U17 (2004) vs Inter Miami (MLS): Showcase Game

-All KO Times are Central Time.
-Updated Playoff / Showcase games will be announced for our U16 & U19 MLS Next Teams.
-All Teams are guaranteed three games.

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Beachside Teams Attending the MLS Next Cup:

  • U15 (2006): Showcase 
  • U16 (2005): Playoffs
  • U17 (2004): Showcase
  • U19 (2002-03): Playoffs

Player Spotlight – Phineas Callahan

Phineas (aka Finn) has been a Beachside player for years, a current member of our U19 MLS Next team, and has committed to Dartmouth. Read on to learn a bit more.

How would you describe your experience at Beachside?
My time at Beachside has been incredibly rewarding. Every hour I put into training was matched by the Beachside Coaches and managers. The care and thought that went into any session or instruction allowed me to flourish on the field. I will take the friendships I’ve made and the skills I’ve learned with me wherever I go.

What are some of your best memories at the Club?
One of my favorite memories at Beachside was going to Argentina with my U16 team. I experienced life in an incredible South American country with some of my best friends and we had the chance to compete against some of the best players in the world. Another was with my U17 team when we had a must-win double header away match in Pennsylvania. We heroically won both and slotted ourselves a spot in the playoffs. So much fun.

What’s something you had to overcome while at Beachside and what advice would you give the younger teams/players?
I was 13 years old when I first arrived at Beachside and I didn’t really play. I sat on the bench.  As a newcomer, I didn’t really understand why Beachside did things a certain way and I didn’t fit into their style of play. What it took for me to improve was to really listen to my Coaches and ask a lot of questions. You need to be a curious soccer player, especially at Beachside. My best advice to younger players would be to always be thinking about ways to improve your game and work hard to get there.

How was the college recruitment process for you & recommendations to players going through it now?
My recruitment process involved me making a realistic list, emailing coaches before showcases, and going to camps. College recruiting will always be at least a little stressful. My best advice would be to do your research early, specifically on the environment of different schools. Size and location can certainly affect an environment and don’t forget about your academic performance because it matters to the process.

Favorite Soccer Team: Liverpool
Favorite Food: Pasta
Pre-Game Rituals: Taping my wrist


“I’ve had the privilege to coach Finn for a number of years in Beachside. Finn’s hard work has allowed him to excel on and off the field. What I appreciate most of Finn is his great personality off the field, accompanied by his competitive sprint and leadership on the field. Finn is a great role model for all younger players to look up to. I thank him for his years of hard work, the great memories we’ve made, and for trusting the process. Keep up the great work!”
–Paul Melitsanopoulos
Coach & MLS Next Director 




New League for our U12 – U19 Premier Elite Teams

Elite Academy League Starts This Fall


The Elite Academy League  (EA League) expands with addition of the Northeast Conference comprised of Founding Members Clubs from the MLS Elite Youth Platform.

Launched by founding member clubs of the new MLS Elite Youth Platform (former USSF DA clubs), the EA League will serve the player needs of clubs by maintaining the standards and structure consistent with enhanced elite player development.  The EA League launched last month and will be sanctioned on the national level by US Youth Soccer (USYS).

The Elite Academy League is a supplemental league to the MLS Elite Youth Platform and is committed to developing top players across the platform. The league is built off the former USSF DA standards and will mirror the new MLS Elite Youth Platform structures thus continuing best in class development with seamless interaction and transition to the MLS Elite Youth Platform.




The Elite Academy League inside the Northeast Conference is composed of Founding Member clubs from the new MLS Elite Youth Platform and consist of:  BW Gottschee Academy, Metoval, TSF Academy, Cedar Stars Academy – Bergen, Cedar Stars Academy – Monmouth, FC Westchester, Beachside Soccer Club of CT, New York Soccer Club, and Empire United.

These clubs will be participating with boys teams in the U12-U19 age groups.  The U12 age groups inside the Elite Academy League will be the top teams in their respected clubs and will be preparing to move into the MLS EYDP league at U13, while U13-19 teams will be providing enhanced player development and exposure as well as seamless interaction and transition for players into the MLS Elite Youth Platform.

The new EA league allows the member clubs of the MLS Elite Youth Platform to work together to promote the highest standards in competitive soccer and integrate both leagues with this common goal and direction. Unifying clubs from within the conferences helps maintain the defining standards of the former USSDA, along with the new, enhanced standards of MLS Elite Youth Platform.

This integration further presents long-needed flexibility in two key areas:

1. Permission for all players to participate in High School Soccer and,

2. Revising the substitution rules to encourage clubs to better utilize their player pools, especially when showcasing their players to pro scouts and college coaches.

The Elite Academy League will start in Fall 2020.

“We are very excited to announce the expansion of the EA League with the addition of the Northeast conference consisting of MLS Elite Academy Clubs. This national platform is structured to increasing elite player development and opportunities.” Noah Gins, EA League Chair

Read what the directors of the founding clubs say:

“The Elite League will provide an excellent platform for our players to compete against top-level competition and clubs. Our players are excited to get back on the field and looking forward to the opportunities this new platform will provide,” said Paul McGlynn, BW Gottschee.

The Elite Academy League will represent a competitive environment focused on players’ development,” said Filippo Giovagnoli, Metoval. “Metoval is proud to be one of the Clubs Founder Members.”

“TSF Academy is consistently looking to create the best possible environment and provide development opportunities for all our players. The league, and the clubs who are involved in the EA League, will provide us with a great competition platform and a real opportunity for our players to be challenged each week,” said Lee Bakewell, TSF Academy.

“We are very pleased to be part of the Elite Academy League. The league gives CSA a fantastic platform for our teams to compete against strong competition with high standards and values,” said Anthony Nixon, Cedar Stars Academy – Bergen

“Cedar Stars Academy – Monmouth is excited to be a part of the Elite Academy League. The league will provide our players with a high level of competition against like-minded clubs which will create the ideal environment to develop and reach their goals through the game of soccer,” said Phil Swenda, Cedar Stars Academy – Monmouth.

“We are really excited to be apart of the Elite Academy League. This league will give every player at our club the opportunity to train and play at a level that will develop them for college or pro pathway,” said Stephen Carson, FC Westchester.


Paul Melitsanopoulos, Beachside Soccer Club of CT

“Beachside Soccer Club is thrilled to be a founding member of the Elite Academy League. Working with like-minded clubs, with similar core values, philosophies, and methodology, enhances our opportunity for player development amongst all age groups. We look forward to starting our season and providing the best developmental opportunity for our families,” said Paul MelitsanopoulosBeachside Soccer Club of CT.


Christian Gonzalez, New York Soccer Club

“NYSC believes this is a great opportunity for our players to have a pathway to showcase themselves and to compete against the top clubs in the region,” said Christian Gonzalez, New York Soccer Club.

“Empire United is thrilled and honored to be a part of the Elite Academy League, as it fills a void for our players that has long been desired in Upstate New York,” said Jeff Oliver, Empire United.


Jeff Oliver, Empire United

“Most importantly, working with these “like for like” clubs for the common goals of opportunity and development of our players, presents a one of a kind opportunity for Empire United and our club members,” said Oliver.

For more information, please email


Beachside Soccer Club’s Official Partnership with PlayMetrics

PlayMetrics will provide all players, parents, coaches, and staff members unique access to this all-in-one club management software that is purpose-built for youth soccer organizations. PlayMetrics unifies communication, registration, session planning, coach oversight, player development, and club operations into one easy-to-manage hub. Together, we are embarking on a new era in which we will infuse this technology to take our club to the next level.


Membership Benefits:
PlayMetrics offers many advantages, but most importantly, the Club Operating System delivers a single experience for member families, eliminating the need for you to download, learn, and maintain multiple apps to manage your relationship with the club. Here is just an example of what you can do in PlayMetrics as a family member:

– Access PlayMetrics on desktop, tablet, or through free mobile apps

– View club and team calendars (practices, games, special events) and sync to your personal calendar

– Register your player for club events and programs

– Add and edit additional contacts for your player, including email addresses and phone numbers

– Send and receive emails, texts, push notifications, and chats with other club members

– Fill out and access club forms, such as waivers and player evaluations

– View club and team resources, such as videos, documents, and website links

– Manage payments to the club


PlayMetrics Club Operating System is one central location for all of our club needs. Beachside Soccer Club will have the opportunity to formalize and centralize our Club Curriculum, Field Scheduler, Session Planner, Drill Library, Member Profiles, Club Communication while customizing our Forms & Evaluations.

PlayMetrics' System

“Partnering with PlayMetrics formalizes all of our needs under one umbrella and guarantees Beachside’s sustainability for the future. PlayMetrics simplifies & structures our club data process while offering fantastic soccer-specific resources for our coaches, players, and parents. All of our friends/fellow clubs who utilize PlayMetrics rave about the company’s Reliability, ROI & Professionalism. We look forward to starting our relationship with PlayMetrics, and growing it for years to come.”

—Mickey Kydes, Technical Director & Founder


“From the moment we met the leadership team at Beachside we could tell they were building something special,” said Michael Doernberg, PlayMetrics Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited and proud to be a part of the Beachside Family and to play an important role in their continued commitment to excellence in developing young soccer players.”

—Michael Doernberg, PlayMetrics Chief Executive Officer.


Those interested in learning more about PlayMetrics, click HERE

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Total of 95 Clubs Join Forces as Part of MLS’s Elite Player Development Platform

Top 95 Domestic Youth Soccer Clubs, 8,000 Players, Join Major League Soccer’s Elite Player Development Platform

Strategic objectives and competition format to be created in collaboration with Founding Member clubs

Youth Dev Platform

Media Availability:

MLS Technical Director of Player Development Fred Lipka to be joined by MLS club and elite academy spokespersons on a media video conference today at 3:30 p.m. ET

NEW YORK (May 13, 2020) – Major League Soccer today announced that 65 former U.S. Soccer Development Academy clubs will join the League’s existing club academies to create a partnership that will transform youth player development in the United States and Canada.

  • CLICK HERE for a full list of Founding Member clubs


The 65 youth clubs will join the MLS academies as Founding Members of MLS’ elite player development platform. The new platform, which will include more than 8,000 players throughout the U.S. and Canada, will consist of elite year-round competition, as well as player identification initiatives, coaching education opportunities, and additional programming to create the premier player development environment.

The platform will operate with a groundbreaking governance structure that promotes collaboration, innovation, and input across all areas of the soccer landscape. Within the structure, technical working groups will provide recommendations on the platform’s strategic objectives and standards, outline competition guidelines, and formats, as well as introduce platform programming. By unifying the elite player development landscape and creating a collaborative structure, the new platform will accelerate and enhance player development in North America.

With a focus on maximizing each player’s potential, the new development platform will not only provide high-level, year-round competition for players but will provide important programming, education, and innovation in the key areas of player development:

  • – Player Identification
  • – Coaching
  • – Environment
  • – Personal Growth
  • – Community Outreach

“There is strong positive momentum and excitement among MLS club academies and elite academy clubs to co-create a platform that will deliver an unparalleled experience for the nation’s top players and clubs,” said Fred Lipka, Vice President and Technical Director of MLS Player Development. “The development of professional and elite players requires a comprehensive and integrated approach, beyond just the competition format, and we are having daily conversations with Academy clubs across the country who are committed to building that environment with us.”

Since launching the MLS club academy initiative in 2007, Major League Soccer has demonstrated an unprecedented commitment to the development of top-level professional players in the United States and Canada, including an investment of more than $70 million last season alone. This investment has produced more than 250 homegrown players that have become professional and national team players, including recent standout players such as Reggie Cannon (FC Dallas, Solar Soccer Club), James Sands (New York City FC academy, New York Soccer Club) and Matt Real (Philadelphia Union, FC Delco).

The elite academy clubs that are Founding Members of the new platform have also been leaders in the development of players for college, MLS, and the national teams. Combined, MLS Academies and the elite academies joining the platform have produced more than 90% of the U.S. Youth National Team players in the last year, making the new platform the top destination for the best young players in North America.

With the launch of this new platform, MLS and the elite academy clubs will not only continue to develop world-class players but will create a world-class soccer development culture that supports and inspires elite players throughout the countries.

“The Sockers FC Chicago organization is excited about this great opportunity to collaborate with MLS, in the development of this new competition platform,” said David Richardson, Sockers FC Chicago Technical Director. “In our soccer communities, we feel that our work as leaders of Elite Academies alongside the leaders of MLS Academies will help to shape a world-class soccer culture in our country. This will be a benefit to all that play, coach, referee, and support our game from the grassroots to the professional level.”

“Major League Soccer’s inclusive approach to the greater soccer market is the most exciting aspect of this movement,” said Ryan Miller, Portland Timbers Academy Director. “This new competition will continue to provide a platform for the top player development clubs in the country to get the most meaningful games. Elite player development requires the highest level of competition and this platform will provide that.”

Applications for additional clubs to join will be available in the coming weeks. More information about the competition structure as well as the platform’s official brand will be announced at a later date.

MLS to Host Video Conference Today at 3:30 p.m. ET

At 3:30 p.m. ET today, spokespersons representing Major League Soccer, the MLS clubs, and the elite academy clubs will be available to media on a video conference.

WHO: Fred Lipka, MLS Vice President and Technical Director of Player Development

Peter Vermes, Sporting Kansas City Head Coach, and General Manager

Jesse Fioranelli, San Jose Earthquakes General Manager

Roberto Lopez, Academy Director, Clearwater Chargers Soccer Club (Tampa Bay, Fla.)

WHEN: Today, Wednesday, May 13

3:30 p.m. ET

HOW: Video Media Conference Call Register in advance & Join the conference on Wednesday using the following link: Register/Join: ID: 915 6859 5118 Password: 894843

Media Assets
Full list of participating clubs
Logos and pictures

What They Are Saying

Albion SC San Diego – San Diego CA

“We could not be more ready and excited to be part of a legacy that will forever revolutionize American Soccer as we know it. To create the highest and best level of competition with standards and true measurables around producing players excites us. We expect to be a club that produces professional players year in and year out.” – Noah Gins, CEO/Executive Director

All City SC – Carlsbad, CA

“As the US Soccer Development Academy era comes to a close, City SC is delighted to be announced as one of the founding members of the newly formed MLS elite youth development platform.

We are aligned with the MLS in our vision to develop the next generation of professional and collegiate soccer players in this country. This league sits at the top of the elite youth player development pyramid and offers unrivaled opportunities for boys in North County San Diego.”

Ballistic United Soccer Club – Pleasonton, CA

“We are extremely excited, pleased, and optimistic that the selection and participation of Ballistic United Soccer Club’s Development Academy into the new MLS player development academy platform will be the ideal pathway for our players in achieving the highest level of competition available in the nation. This will ultimately sharpen our young men’s abilities while providing an opportunity for them to strive towards their goals and potentials. We are honored to be a part of the inaugural season of the MLS player development academy platform! – Jerry Losson, Director of Coaching

Barça Residency Academy – Casa Grande, AZ

“Barça Residency Academy is delighted to be a founding member of the elite youth development platform. With the USSDA dissolving, this new league ensures that our players will continue to have the opportunity to compete at the highest level of youth soccer within the United States. As we prepare for the 2020-21 season we look forward to continuing our tradition of providing a top-level professional residency academy environment for our players and continue pushing them onto the collegiate, professional and national team levels while competing with other top clubs across the country.”

Bayside FC – Providence, RI

“Bayside FC is excited for the opportunity to partner and collaborate with Major League Soccer and like-minded clubs to enhance player development in the United States. This platform will provide our players with a professional and competitive environment daily that will maximize their development. The professionalism and high standard MLS will provide for the league will be second to none.” – John Mark Andrade, Academy Director

Beachside of Connecticut SC – Norwalk, CT

“The conversation and collaboration that has and will continue to take place are transformational and a game-changing moment for youth soccer development in our country. This MLS elite youth development platform that has transpired from these discussions and cooperation will influence the whole landscape of youth soccer from bottom to top. With the leadership and support of Major League Soccer and the contributions from grassroots clubs, we are finally on our way to truly becoming a soccer country.” – Mickey Kydes, Founder & Technical Director

Boston Bolts – Boston, MA

“The Boston Bolts develop exceptional soccer players who are prepared to compete at the highest levels, collegiate, national, or professional. This newly formed league provides the platform that challenges players day in day out to be the best. Those with aspirations to become a future MLS All-Star are provided a platform to be the best and play against the best to fulfill their dreams. As a founding member, it allows the Bolts staff to exchange ideas with like-minded professionals who share the same philosophy about player development. It allows us to contribute to the continued growth and development of our elite youth players, to put more domestic talent into the nation’s highest professional league, MLS, and our national teams.”

Breakers FC – Santa Cruz, CA

“Being part of the MLS family and a founding member of the MLS elite youth development platform is something special! We strongly believe that this new collaboration between the MLS Academies and the Elite Academies will accelerate the development of the players and will raise the level of the game in North America. Thanks to the organization and professionalism of MLS, this new initiative is now the best platform for player development in the US: it provides a professional pathway as well as a pathway for future college players.” – Paolo Carbone, Breakers FC Director

BW Gottschee – Queens, NY

“BW Gottschee is excited to participate in the new MLS national platform highlighting a player’s first approach. The league will uphold the highest standards and principles, which will all align with our long-standing history of player development. This will be the highest level of competition in the US. Our players are looking forward to the challenge and opportunity.”

Cedar Stars Academy – Bergen, NJ

“Cedar Stars Academy – Bergen is very excited to be part of the elite youth development platform. I think this platform will allow us to compete at the highest level of youth soccer within the United States. We strive for competition for our players and I believe this league will undoubtedly give us that. We are proud to be a founding member and look forward to collaborating with other like-minded clubs to develop the next crop of professional and collegiate players.”

Cedar Stars Academy – Monmouth, NJ

“Cedar Stars Academy – Monmouth is very excited to be part of MLS’s elite youth development platform as a founding member. This league will allow our players to compete at the highest level of youth soccer in the US and we look forward to working closely with like-minded clubs to develop the next generations of professional and collegiate players.” – Phil Swenda, Academy Director

Chargers SC – Tampa Bay, FL

“Chargers SC is extremely excited to join the new MLS player development initiative. We have been with the USDA since the very beginning, we were the 7th Club invited to join thirteen years ago, in what was arguably the best youth league in the history of soccer in the US, it was a major step forward. Now we strongly feel that this new elite youth soccer platform will take us a step further, this will be a historical, revolutionary change that will put our Club and the game in the U.S. at a different level and will provide our top players a pathway to a professional career.” – Roberto Lopez, Academy Director

Chicago FC United – Chicago, IL

“Chicago FC United could not be more proud or excited to enter the inaugural season of the elite youth development platform as a founding member. Our club, staff, players, and families look forward to participating in this new competition platform and testing our best against the very best players in the country. I would like to thank the leadership of the MLS, MLS Academy, and the Elite Club Academy for their vision, courage, and collaboration in developing this game-changing development platform for high-level youth soccer in this country.”

Chula Vista FC – Chula Vista, CA

“We are excited to join a new platform that will be more inclusive and solely focus on elite player development with extremely high standards.”

Cincinnati United Premier (CUP) – Cincinnati, OH

“We are humbled to be a founding member of the MLS elite youth development platform. One pillar of our philosophy of development includes a club-based league model that allows players the opportunity to express themselves in a highly competitive environment, and we feel that this platform will allow us to continue providing top-tier competition and an ideal developmental environment for our elite players.” – Scott Bower, Technical Director

Empire United – Rochester, NY

“Under the new guidance of MLS, our coaches, support staff, and ultimately our families here at Empire United are extremely excited for the future of player development in this country. We are proud to represent Western New York at the highest level of youth soccer in the United States. Competing every weekend against MLS-youth opposition and the top like-minded amateur clubs is an essential piece to the player development cycle. With the platform and resources provided to us by MLS, the training environments and playing standards in this country will continue to improve exponentially. MLS and their desire for a collaborative approach represent their desire to push the envelope of improvement and inclusion and we couldn’t be more excited about the future.” – Rory Charcholla, Boys Academy Director

FC DELCO – Conshohocken, PA

“We always strive to challenge our players in the highest level of competition and we are excited to join the MLS Elite Youth Development League.” – Rob Elliott, General Manager

IMG Academy – Bradenton, FL

“IMG Academy is proud to be a founding member of the newly formed MLS elite youth development platform which brings together the best MLS Academies and Elite youth clubs throughout the nation. This unique development platform aligns with our Academy philosophy that is player-focused, coach driven and club led. We are excited to partner with the MLS and the other Elite Academies as we strive to support the growth and development of our outstanding pool of players. IMG Academy Soccer delivers a residential ten-month holistic development program that is focused on supporting our student-athletes in the pursuit of their soccer, academic, and personal goals.”

Internationals Soccer Club – Cleveland, OH

“We are extremely honored and excited about the new league of elite programs from around the country. Working in conjunction with MLS will allow clubs to continue to keep player development at the forefront of how we grow our

sport. It is amazing how clubs from around the country have banded together to ensure that our players can continue to compete at the highest level possible regularly.”

LA Surf Soccer Club – Pasadena, CA

” We are incredibly excited to join the new Major League Soccer player development initiative as founding members of this new league.

By bringing together some of the nation’s top talents and funneling them toward a professional pathway, we are confident that we are aligning our country’s most talented players with the best possible pathway by connecting directly to MLS. In this way, we are confident that our young men will thrive under the new umbrella, but most importantly develop their ability to potentially become professionals in America’s top soccer competition.

For us as a country to have one of the top leagues in the world in MLS, we need to have our very own young players develop in better ways. At Los Angeles Surf, we’re excited to be a founding member and partner in this project to ensure that we are doing just that, having the best players and best coaches working together toward a pro pathway.” – Radames Lafaurie, Program Director

LA United Football Academy (LAUFA) – Los Angeles, CA

“LAUFA is grateful for this opportunity to be part of the new elite youth development platform. We embrace the responsibility that this brings, we are honored to join this competition as a founding member…we look forward to growing with MLS and other elite academies as partners.” – Martin Vasquez, Academy Director

Lanier Soccer Association – Gainesville, GA

“I am very excited to be part of this new league and new efforts to develop players across the nation. MLS is a young league that has taken giant steps to becoming a top league around the world. I am looking forward to helping develop the next top talent” – Jonathan Cueva, Executive Director

Metropolitan Oval – Queens, NY

“The goal of MLS and Elite Academies is aligned to create the premier platform for the development of world-class youth players. By providing a bespoke pathway to the professional game, this union will kick off a new era in elite talent development.” – Jeffrey Saunders, Sporting Director

Miami Rush Kendall SC – Miami, FL

The creation of this new elite youth development program will be remembered as the most valuable win for soccer in the USA!” – Raul Renatto Soriano, Technical Director

Michigan Wolves – Livonia, MI

“The Michigan Wolves Soccer Club is very excited to become a founding member of this new elite youth development platform. We believe that this new competition will empower us to more fully realize our mission of preparing players for their next steps in soccer—and in life.” – Lars Richter, Academy Director

Murrieta Surf Soccer Club – Murrieta, CA

“We are delighted that Major League Soccer, a world-recognized global brand which has seen incredible growth and success at the professional level, can now also help change the landscape of all youth soccer development programs in a way that will truly revolutionize youth development here in the USA”.

New England Football Club (NEFC) – New England

“We are working towards teaching and inspiring the next generation of players who will set the standard for our region and country. Our commitment and mission of creating an elite developmental environment is the ultimate goal for our staff and players throughout NEFC’s programs. Our mission, to develop players for their next level, is the core tenet of our club. NEFC promotes players from within, from the grassroots level through their college of choice and into the professional pathway environment through our relationship with the New England Revolution. NEFC is excited to be a part of this new chapter within the MLS structure.”

Nomads Soccer Club – La Jolla, CA

” Nomads Soccer Club can assure our Players/Families and friends that this league will be the place to play “For Those Serious About Soccer”.

Nomads believe that the environment created by MLS will be one of the best Programs in the World. Nomads are excited for Soccer here in the USA. After 13 Years nobody could deny it, “It was great a true Elite Player League” said Technical Director David Armstrong. MLS is willing to work with all academies on strategy and leadership. The Pathway to the Pro Game is important to our players here in the USA. This will also be the place to be for College Players who aspire to play Division 1 Soccer. The USSDA Academy provided a great platform and exposure for Serious Student/Athletes who aspire to play for D1 Colleges. We have the same expectations for this League.

The Nomads was a leader in 2007 working diligently to support US Soccer in creating a world-class environment for elite players. Nomads Soccer Club are delighted with the decision by MLS to take over leadership in this new landscape. MLS will provide a Governing Body, League Platform, Administration, and Leadership.” – David Armstrong, Technical Director

Orlando City SC – Orlando, FL

“I believe we are going to change once and for all the development of players in this country with the new platform. The decision from MLS to continue what USSF started and get it to the next level is paramount on the future of our sport.” – Marcelo Neveleff, Academy Director

Phoenix Rising Football Club – Phoenix, AZ

“All of us at Phoenix Rising FC are incredibly honored and excited to be announced, and compete, as a founding member of the MLS elite youth development platform.

We have always expressed our desire to provide the very best practices in elite player development through the Phoenix Rising FC Professional Academy, and this platform will enable us to do so by competing at the highest level of youth soccer possible, and further improve the PRFC Professional Player Pathway.

It is tremendously important that professional clubs lead the education and development of elite young players, and as a high performing professional club we, at Phoenix Rising FC, are very confident that we will provide the very best culture, learning environment and methodology to expedite the development of our young players and their teams.

Our whole club commitment to elite player development will provide outstanding opportunities and experiences for the dedicated and ambitious soccer player.

Through each player’s hard work, we will maximize their playing abilities, and in doing so, will give our young homegrown players the chance to compete at the professional level in the future, and hopefully with Phoenix Rising FC.” – Steve Cook, Director of Soccer Development

Real Salt Lake – Salt Lake City, UT

“We are delighted to be part of the new MLS elite youth league and look forward to continuing to develop homegrown players to represent both Club and Country.” – Tom Spall, Academy Director

Real Salt Lake-Arizona – Tempe, AZ

“We are very excited to be a founding member in the MLS’s new elite youth development platform. In this tumultuous time in youth soccer, MLS has picked up the torch and we at Real Salt Lake – Arizona are excited to be one of the clubs leading the way with them.”

RISE Soccer Club – Missouri City, TX

“RISE is proud to have been named a founding member club in the new MLS elite youth development platform. As a club and an academy, we feel it is important for our top players to consistently play with and against the best players, teams, and clubs in the country. We look forward to partnering with the other founding member clubs to create an unparalleled environment focused on player development and providing opportunities for the next generation of elite level players in the US” – Jon Burklo, Director

SC del Sol – Scottsdale, AZ

“SC del Sol is incredibly excited and proud to be one of the founding members of the new MLS elite youth competition platform. It is inspiring to hear that Major League Soccer is deeply committed to developing world-class players through this elite competitive pathway for youth players. This will ensure that SC del Sol players will continue to have the opportunity to participate in, and develop at, the highest levels of youth competition in the U.S. and Canada. We are convinced that this new MLS elite environment will continue to elevate our players, staff, and teams

to be their very best while showcasing them against some of the best teams in the country. We will strive to keep our feet firmly on the ground, whilst continuing to work hard, and we will embrace this new platform with open arms”. – Pete Leebrook, Academy Director

Seacoast United – Hampton, NH

“Seacoast United is excited to be a part of the elite youth development platform, under the guidance of MLS leadership. This allows our players to continue to play at the elite level of the youth game in this country, competing against the top programs, both MLS & non-MLS on a Regional & National Platform. We firmly believe this will continue to challenge our players to maximize their potential. As a founding member of the league, we are excited to work with like-minded professionals, with the major focus being centered around maximizing player development in the US. The collaboration between clubs from all over the country & MLS leadership has been fantastic and welcoming. We firmly believe the new league will continue to raise the bar of the elite youth game in this country and we are thrilled to be part of the new venture.”

Shattuck-St. Mary’s – Faribault, MN

“Shattuck-St. Mary’s is excited about the next evolution of youth soccer development, believing that the elite youth development platform will see our next generation of players emerge as the collective-best yet. The leadership of MLS has swept in with authority, humility, and vision creating an environment of collaboration and trust. This, in turn, has created a new level of excitement for what lies ahead for our youth and our clubs as we cooperatively seek to further this game and the joy that can come from playing it.”

Silicon Valley Soccer Academy (SVSA) – Redwood City, CA

“Here at SVSA, we are honored to come into the league as founding members. This new league will allow our players to continue playing against the top competition in the country against MLS academies and the top non-MLS academies in the country. Our players always want to be tested against the best and this will allow for these challenges to still be a possibility for them” – Gerson Perez, Academy Director

“En SVSA, es un honor poder entrar a esta liga como un miembro fundador de este proyecto. Esta liga le dará la oportunidad a nuestros jugadores de seguir jugando contra los mejores equipos MLS y los mejores clubes del todo el país y de nuestra region. Nuestros jugadores siempre quieren jugar contra lo mejores y esta liga le seguirá dando estos retos a nuestros jugadores” – Gerson Perez, Director de SVSA

Sockers FC Chicago – Chicago, IL

“The Sockers FC Chicago organization is excited about this great opportunity to collaborate with MLS, in the development of this new competition platform. In our soccer communities, we feel that our work as leaders of Elite Academies alongside the leaders of MLS Academies will help to shape a World-Class soccer culture in our country. This will be a benefit to all that play, coach, referee, and support our game from the grassroots to the professional level.” – David Richardson, Technical Director

South Florida Football Academy – Boca Raton, FL

“Our entire organization here at South Florida Football Academy is extremely excited and proud to become one of the Founding Members of the new MLS elite youth development platform.

I am so grateful to MLS for taking this bold step and establishing a youth development platform that offers a clear pathway to a professional playing career for elite youth soccer players in the United States both in MLS and non-MLS Academy clubs.

I feel that this new MLS platform will be pivotal in dramatically improving the landscape of youth soccer and will put our professional league fully in charge of elite player development for the first time in time in the history of our country.

As a former US Olympic and World Cup National Team member and long-time youth coach, I could not be more excited about the future of player development in the USA!” – Eric Eichmann, Academy Director

Southern Soccer Academy – Marietta, GA

“Southern Soccer Academy is excited to be a founding member of the MLS elite youth development platform. This Platform will provide fantastic opportunities for our players, staff, and community. The growth and development of our

players are always at the heart of our mission statement and the new platform will give our players a professional pathway and an elite player pathway for our future college-bound players.

We are looking forward to exciting times ahead for United States youth development after the creation of this new competition.”

Tampa Bay United Rowdies – Tampa Bay, FL

“Our club is extremely honored to be one of the founding members of the elite youth development platform. We know that all of the clubs in this new competition will work together to provide a platform for youth development that will be highly respected throughout the country and we are excited to be a part of it. “

Total Futbol Academy – Los Angeles, CA

“Total Futbol Academy is excited to join the MLS Elite Youth Development platform. We are looking forward to initiatives and collaboration with other clubs to create opportunities and exposure at an elite level. Founded in 1999, the club has always kept its mission, initiative and core values to provide a pathway for all players to higher education.”

TSF Academy – Wayne, NJ

“Under the new platform created by Major League Soccer and guidance, we can only see a huge benefit for our players in their overall development. The level of competition in our region has always provided good challenges but we feel the new platform will create a genuine purpose and drive behind the competition – leading to the challenges that the players need to face in their development.

We are extremely excited to be among one of the founding members and make sure the next generation of players in our community are given a genuine platform, opportunity, and platform to both perform and compete.

There has always been such huge potential for soccer in this country, but I truly believe that with all the good people involved in helping move quickly to put this platform together, the support of Major League Soccer and those genuinely invested in player development, the future is bright and we are looking forward to getting underway in this new competition.” – Lee Bakewell, Technical Director

Vardar Soccer Club – Rochester Hills, MI

“Vardar Soccer Club is proud to be a founding member of this new and exciting elite youth development platform. Over the last 35 years, we have taken great pride in developing Michigan’s finest collegiate and professional soccer players, and we are certain this competition helps us continue that tradition.

From our initial discussions with the members within our region, it became apparent that this platform takes into consideration all facets of a player’s environment including the impact on their families, coaches, and clubs. Playing against the best talent in the region each week and playing more games is a welcome change which is exciting for the players and staff. We feel this holistic approach, will both promote individual growth and heighten the overall experience of being an elite soccer player in the United States.

As a founding member, we feel we have a responsibility to uphold the highest standards in the country so we can help promote our game, attract top talent, and guide them in their journeys. This new platform allows for continuity in uncertain times and we are thankful that our members, families, and players will have a voice in the evolution of this new endeavor so we can move forward together.” – Morris Lupenec, Director

Ventura County Fusion – Ventura, CA

“We are going to be facing some of the best teams in the country including MLS Academy competition as well as foreign competition. This league provides a great testing tool for our players showcasing themselves and we want to see how they respond in the most difficult environments and this is going to create that. This is great for youth soccer in the USA as it will help develop the next generation of breaking talent in America.”

West Florida Flames – Tarpon Springs, FL

“We are extremely excited about the creation of this unique youth soccer platform by a world-class organization in MLS. The ability for our club, staff, and members to continue in a competition platform that fits our developmental philosophy, core values, and player development model will be a tremendous pathway, not only for our players but for those across the country.” – Academy Director, Jorge Zavala.

Weston FC – Weston, FL

“This new platform created by the MLS will elevate the level of every soccer club involved and will develop players that will be able to reach the highest level of soccer.” – Luis Mendoza, Technical Director

Nico Petridis Selected by NY Red Bulls in the 2020 MLS SuperDraft

NIko on BeachsideNorwalk, CT native and Beachside alum Niko Petridis was recently selected by the NY Red Bulls in the 2020 MLS SuperDraft. It was something he dreamed of starting back in the days with his U12 Beachside premier team. 

When talking with his former coaches, one thing stayed true throughout his development. His love for soccer. From day one Niko had a competitive passion for the game. His desire to challenge himself and improve every time he stepped on a field maximized his development. Niko was no stranger to putting in extra work and making sacrifices to be the best he could be. 

I recently talked with Nico and he had a few words to share with our Beachside family. 

My dream, since the day I could remember, was to always play professional soccer and I can proudly say that dream has finally come true. It was not an easy path and was one that took a lot of sacrifice from not just myself, but my entire family as well. The number of countless hours, days and years that it took put me in the best position to succeed took a lot of determination and focus. On weekends where my friends would be together to hang out, I would travel to games and tournaments. On days that I didn’t feel like training, I would still get up and put in the work that was needed. I knew that if I didn’t work hard, then my dreams would not be possible to reach.

Beachside was a club that taught me how to work hard and how to be professional with everything you do from a very young age. I joined the club when I was 12 years old and they helped me develop as a player and as a person all the way leading up to my senior year in high school. Without the Beachside family, I would not be in the position that I am in today and I am truly thankful to all of the coaches that were involved in my development. I hope that I can continue to grow and develop as a player and a person and am looking forward to this new chapter in my life.”

—Niko Petridis

Congrats Niko! Niko is one of the most recent success stories from a talented Beachside class and we are all really proud of him. We look forward to your continued successes on the pitch and in life.

“We are so proud of Nico, who spent the majority of his youth career with Beachside. Nico has been part of some of the best teams in our club’s history and his contribution while at Beachside is immense. Nico epitomizes what our club stands for, hard work, commitment, and incredible love for the game.  His competitive attitude and desire to constantly learn and improve will serve him well at the Pro level.” 

—Mickey Kydes, Founder and Technical Director

Beachside SC Alum Henry Kessler 6th Overall Pick in MLS Super Draft 2020

Henry Kessler Selected to New England Revolution
Henry Kessler Selected 6th Overall to the New England Revolution in the 2020 MLS Draft

On Thursday, January 9th, Beachside Soccer Club’s Alumni Henry Kessler was selected with the 6th overall pick, in the 2020 MLS Super Draft by New England Revolution. We are thrilled to congratulate Henry on beginning his professional career. 

Beachside is a club built on a community of individuals who exhibit key Core Values establishing a culture, catered to a player’s personal and athletic development. Values such as commitment, respect, discipline, and integrity are instrumental in molding our environment. When Henry Kessler joined Beachside in the fall of 2015, he was no exception. 

“ Henry is a person who thrives on challenges and understands the sacrifice needed to achieve his goals. Henry was a pleasure to coach, and I hope Henry inspires all of our current Beachside players to set high goals, standards, and work toward their goals every day. ”
–Mickey Kydes, Beachside Technical Director & Founder 

Academically, Henry completed all of his high school requirements in two years. In his junior and senior years, Henry enrolled in college equivalent courses, earning his high school diploma and an associate’s degree from Bard College. 

Athletically during that time, Henry joined an exceptional Beachside team that had just come off one of the best seasons in club history. Their roster was filled with current NCAA Division I players and former US National team representatives. Henry quickly adapted to the environment and established himself as a vital member of the team. His character and commitment were always on display, and his professional attitude fit perfectly with our Beachside Core Values. 

Regarding his commitment level, Henry would commute by train, from New York to Bridgeport, CT, four days a week for practices each week. Henry not only attended every practice but would show up ready to train, never making excuses. His presence was infectious and raised an already competitive group to new levels. Their team would go on to qualify for the USSDA Academy Playoffs for the second year in a row.

Henry has since moved on to the University of Virginia where he has continued excelling athletically and academically. Henry has started every game at center back for the number one ranked defense in the country in 2019-20. 

Henry’s Impressive Accolades Include: 

  • ACC’s Tournament Most Valuable Player.
  • ACC Tournament Champion (1st Championship in a decade). 
  • NCAA College Cup Finals Participant: falling to Georgetown in penalties.
  • All-ACC honors for the second straight year.
  • MAC Hermann Award Semi-Finalist.
  • Generation Adidas Contract.
  • 6th Overall Pick in MLS Super Draft, 2020, to New England Revolution.

Henry will forgo his senior year at Virginia and embark on a professional career. We asked Henry to speak to our Beachside players about the keys to his success.

Please listen to what he said:

Henry, we are extremely proud of your achievements and greatly look forward to continuing watching you in the years to come. May our Beachside players follow in the attitude and commitment you have lived by. From all of us at Beachside, we wish you all the best and continued success. 

Capelli Sport is Our New Uniform Provider!

We would like to thank everyone involved with the Capelli Sport organization, especially President George Altirs, who has been so gracious with his time and energy to make our transition to Capelli Sport as smooth as possible.

Beachside Soccer Club was able to customize our entire uniform package, from the color combinations to the positioning of our Beachside crest, no details were overlooked. 

“The ability to customize our uniforms, and provide great quality products at affordable prices was the biggest draw for me. When dealing with Capelli, you do not feel like just a number, you feel like family. The response from our parents, players, coaches, and opposition is proof that we made the right choice with Capelli, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

–Mickey Kydes, Technical Director & Founder


The design for our uniforms was started from a simple sketch, progressing to an elaborate customization process, and now brought to life. 

We appreciate the patience our Beachside families have shown, as with any new relationship requiring customization and online ordering systems with specific deadlines, there will always be growing pains. 

We are confident that as our relationship continues, Beachside and Capelli will improve in all areas to provide a seamless ordering process for years to come. We look forward to promoting the Capelli Sport brand, as we compete locally, regionally & nationally at the highest level of youth soccer in our country.

Beachside’s Giovanni Calderon Called Up to Puerto Rican National Team

Giovanni Calderon has continued to impress the Puerto Rican Men’s Soccer Federation and was recently called up to play two games with the señor national team. The first friendly was on September 5th versus Honduras and Giovanni was thrust straight into the starting line up becoming the youngest player at 17 years old to debut for Puerto Rico. Five days later they went on to face Guatemala where Giovanni came in as a substitute where he continued to gain some valuable game experience. Not only did Giovanni become the youngest player to debut but he also got the opportunity to play with his older brother Joshua Calderon. Giovanni said, “I never thought I would be able to compete alongside my older brother” , “It was a dream come true that we will never forget”.

Giovanni is now back with his U19 Beachside family and looking forward to the upcoming season. When asked how the Beachside environment helped with his debut with Puerto Rico he said, “At Beachside, you always need to be prepared and professional. Bags lined up, balls in a pile, shirts always tucked in. You’re expected to be ready mentally and physically to compete every time you step on the pitch.” I also asked Giovanni what advice would you give to the younger players in our program and he said “Success is a choice you make every day. You need to put in the extra work on your own to reach your full potential and to play with passion”. He was also excited to announce that he has verbally committed to the University of Hartford where he will continue his soccer career while also furthering his education. The club is extremely proud of Giovanni as a soccer player and even more as a person. We wish Giovanni and his teammates all the best. 


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Beachside x Double Pass

Beachside has just concluded an exhaustive review of its philosophy, structure, operations, and culture by Double Pass.

Double Pass, based in Belgium, is an international consulting firm that works with professional clubs around the world to evaluate and improve player development effectiveness for their youth academies.

US Soccer selected Beachside to undergo the same assessment process that Double Pass uses with European clubs such as Manchester City and Liverpool. Double Pass consultants spent many hours interviewing club management, coaches and players, as well as observing games and training sessions.

“We are very appreciative of the time, effort and energy the Double Pass staff have shown us during our assessment process. Having the opportunity to share our methodology, philosophy and club culture, while being exposed to best practices of other top youth academies of the world allows us to make both immediate and longer-term improvements within Beachside. We are in a continual state of learning, adapting and implementing while maintaining our Beachside club standards which have been instrumental in our long term development approach for the last 26 years. ” said Academy Director, Paul Melitsanopoulos.

“This is the second time over the past three years we have been through the Double Pass assessment process,” said Technical Director Mickey Kydes, “It has helped us immensely in focusing and sharpening development planning throughout our club.”

Beachside and Oakwood Soccer Club are the only clubs in Connecticut that work with Double Pass.

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