Beachside x Double Pass

Beachside has just concluded an exhaustive review of its philosophy, structure, operations, and culture by Double Pass.

Double Pass, based in Belgium, is an international consulting firm that works with professional clubs around the world to evaluate and improve player development effectiveness for their youth academies.

US Soccer selected Beachside to undergo the same assessment process that Double Pass uses with European clubs such as Manchester City and Liverpool. Double Pass consultants spent many hours interviewing club management, coaches and players, as well as observing games and training sessions.

“We are very appreciative of the time, effort and energy the Double Pass staff have shown us during our assessment process. Having the opportunity to share our methodology, philosophy and club culture, while being exposed to best practices of other top youth academies of the world allows us to make both immediate and longer-term improvements within Beachside. We are in a continual state of learning, adapting and implementing while maintaining our Beachside club standards which have been instrumental in our long term development approach for the last 26 years. ” said Academy Director, Paul Melitsanopoulos.

“This is the second time over the past three years we have been through the Double Pass assessment process,” said Technical Director Mickey Kydes, “It has helped us immensely in focusing and sharpening development planning throughout our club.”

Beachside and Oakwood Soccer Club are the only clubs in Connecticut that work with Double Pass.