Beachside Soccer Club’s Official Partnership with PlayMetrics

PlayMetrics will provide all players, parents, coaches, and staff members unique access to this all-in-one club management software that is purpose-built for youth soccer organizations. PlayMetrics unifies communication, registration, session planning, coach oversight, player development, and club operations into one easy-to-manage hub. Together, we are embarking on a new era in which we will infuse this technology to take our club to the next level.


Membership Benefits:
PlayMetrics offers many advantages, but most importantly, the Club Operating System delivers a single experience for member families, eliminating the need for you to download, learn, and maintain multiple apps to manage your relationship with the club. Here is just an example of what you can do in PlayMetrics as a family member:

– Access PlayMetrics on desktop, tablet, or through free mobile apps

– View club and team calendars (practices, games, special events) and sync to your personal calendar

– Register your player for club events and programs

– Add and edit additional contacts for your player, including email addresses and phone numbers

– Send and receive emails, texts, push notifications, and chats with other club members

– Fill out and access club forms, such as waivers and player evaluations

– View club and team resources, such as videos, documents, and website links

– Manage payments to the club


PlayMetrics Club Operating System is one central location for all of our club needs. Beachside Soccer Club will have the opportunity to formalize and centralize our Club Curriculum, Field Scheduler, Session Planner, Drill Library, Member Profiles, Club Communication while customizing our Forms & Evaluations.

PlayMetrics' System

“Partnering with PlayMetrics formalizes all of our needs under one umbrella and guarantees Beachside’s sustainability for the future. PlayMetrics simplifies & structures our club data process while offering fantastic soccer-specific resources for our coaches, players, and parents. All of our friends/fellow clubs who utilize PlayMetrics rave about the company’s Reliability, ROI & Professionalism. We look forward to starting our relationship with PlayMetrics, and growing it for years to come.”

—Mickey Kydes, Technical Director & Founder


“From the moment we met the leadership team at Beachside we could tell they were building something special,” said Michael Doernberg, PlayMetrics Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited and proud to be a part of the Beachside Family and to play an important role in their continued commitment to excellence in developing young soccer players.”

—Michael Doernberg, PlayMetrics Chief Executive Officer.


Those interested in learning more about PlayMetrics, click HERE