Player Spotlight – Phineas Callahan

Phineas (aka Finn) has been a Beachside player for years, a current member of our U19 MLS Next team, and has committed to Dartmouth. Read on to learn a bit more.

How would you describe your experience at Beachside?
My time at Beachside has been incredibly rewarding. Every hour I put into training was matched by the Beachside Coaches and managers. The care and thought that went into any session or instruction allowed me to flourish on the field. I will take the friendships I’ve made and the skills I’ve learned with me wherever I go.

What are some of your best memories at the Club?
One of my favorite memories at Beachside was going to Argentina with my U16 team. I experienced life in an incredible South American country with some of my best friends and we had the chance to compete against some of the best players in the world. Another was with my U17 team when we had a must-win double header away match in Pennsylvania. We heroically won both and slotted ourselves a spot in the playoffs. So much fun.

What’s something you had to overcome while at Beachside and what advice would you give the younger teams/players?
I was 13 years old when I first arrived at Beachside and I didn’t really play. I sat on the bench.  As a newcomer, I didn’t really understand why Beachside did things a certain way and I didn’t fit into their style of play. What it took for me to improve was to really listen to my Coaches and ask a lot of questions. You need to be a curious soccer player, especially at Beachside. My best advice to younger players would be to always be thinking about ways to improve your game and work hard to get there.

How was the college recruitment process for you & recommendations to players going through it now?
My recruitment process involved me making a realistic list, emailing coaches before showcases, and going to camps. College recruiting will always be at least a little stressful. My best advice would be to do your research early, specifically on the environment of different schools. Size and location can certainly affect an environment and don’t forget about your academic performance because it matters to the process.

Favorite Soccer Team: Liverpool
Favorite Food: Pasta
Pre-Game Rituals: Taping my wrist


“I’ve had the privilege to coach Finn for a number of years in Beachside. Finn’s hard work has allowed him to excel on and off the field. What I appreciate most of Finn is his great personality off the field, accompanied by his competitive sprint and leadership on the field. Finn is a great role model for all younger players to look up to. I thank him for his years of hard work, the great memories we’ve made, and for trusting the process. Keep up the great work!”
–Paul Melitsanopoulos
Coach & MLS Next Director