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Dear Alumni,

As we are finalizing our 28th year, not only do I realize that I am getting older, but I now reflect more than ever about the amazing people that have contributed to who Beachside is today. Starting with one team in 1994 to now being recognized as a top club at the National level. We continue to place players into the NCAA at an unheard 85-90% rate. But more importantly, like the 1994 and all others thereafter, through the Beachside environment, we continue to make a positive impact on young people that last a lifetime.

We are currently in year 20 since our first team graduated. 20 years/teams of alumni players. We would love to start building our Alumni database so we can stay in touch, run alumni events, and honor all of our former players’ legacies.

Hope to see you all very soon,

Mickey Kydes

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