Two Beachsiders See National Team Duty

Tyler Shaver, who is in full time residency training with the US national program in Bradenton, Florida, recently returned from Turkey where he played for the US U-17 Team in Aegean Cup.

He comments “I had a great experience in Turkey. Playing Romania, Greece, Belgium, and then Turkey in the final, opened my eyes to the competitiveness and “must-win “mentality with which the teams played.

I was able to assess my development while I was there and am ready to work hard to improve back in Residency.”

jd_flJohn Denis was recently selected by Coach Brad Friedel for for the US National U-19 team and is currently in the Canary Islands with the team, where they have played Spain and France.

He says “I am truly happy and honored to have been selected for this trip — this experience would not have been possible without the help and guidance of Beachside Soccer Club”