Our Programs

Beachside’s program consists of four activity groupings

Beachside Juniors

Ages 5-13

Beachside Juniors is our training program for younger players, and is staffed by some of our club’s most experienced coaches. It offers young soccer enthusiasts an environment to improve their skills while having fun in a game they love to play.

It also helps prepare them to take advantage of higher level playing opportunities as they grow. This program of weekly clinics is designed to complement players’ regular town travel team activity.

7v7 and 9v9  Teams

Y.o.b. 2005-2008

At these younger ages it is important that soccer be viewed by both player and parents as a game to be played and enjoyed with friends, as opposed to over-focussing on winning.  Children at this age innately “learn by doing” and by seeking to emulate the skills they see in older players.

We provide age-appropriate competition in an environment that focuses on ball mastery, basic tactical concepts, teamwork and fun. Some of our club’s most experienced teachers of soccer work with these age groups.

11 v 11 Premier Teams

Y.o.b. 1998-2004

Beachside offers premier level play for players from their early teens through high school. Our aim is to serve players seeking a rigorous and competitive program with high-level coaching, where they can work to raise their level play and prepare for college soccer.

On the Boys side, some players on these teams are designated Academy “Developmental Players” and also train regularly with Academy teams (see below) with the objective of advancing to that level.

US Soccer Academy Teams

Y.o.b. 1998-2004

In 2013 the United States Soccer Federation invited us to bring Beachside’s boys program into its “Development Academy.”

Beachside is one of the 80 or so select youth soccer programs in the U.S., designated by the Federation as providing a developmental environment appropriate for players aspiring to play soccer at the very highest levels, including professional and National Team play.

The Development Academy runs its own special league for member clubs. The program has been set up for especially committed players with a training and competitive environment comparable to those found in Europe and Latin America.

A long-term goal is for the U.S. to achieve a level of professional and World Cup play commensurate with the numbers of its citizens playing the game. Beachside is very proud to have been chosen to support this effort.