Beachside Lights the Night

Thank you to all the players and families who helped raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society this past weekend. Thanks to so many generous donations, Beachside was able to donate over $11,400 to help children and families in need of a cure to fight this disease.

We would also like to thank the girls from New Canaan Soccer 03/04 Team that raised money for their friend who is struggling with Leukemia. They organized a lemonade and bake sale to coincide with the New Canaan High School homecoming foot traffic and donated the money to our Pre Academy team through the Beiles Family.

After all the donations were totaled, we have 2 winning teams that have won a pizza party at Colony Pizza! We would like to congratulate the U10 Girls team for walking on Saturday night And raising $2,680.00, and the Pre-Academy Boys for raising $2,683.00. The totals were so close and they did an amazing job we wanted both teams to celebrate their hard work.

If anyone would still like to contribute to their team or to Beachside as a Club, the online donations will be open through December of 2017.

Thank You Again!

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