2018-2019 Q & A with Technical Director Mickey Kydes

BSC vs NE RevHow Do You Measure Success?
There are so many little signs of success all across the program but for Beachside it all revolves around our culture. Our culture remains strong and that is what has allowed us to sustain and grow throughout the last 26 years.

How Do We Evaluate Culture?
What we call our ‘Culture Triangle’ is the key, that consists of three main components: Players, Parents, and Coaches. All three are the driving force to creating a positive and patient environment where young people can grow and develop both on and off the field. We are at a point where we not only have the players we want; we have the parents and coaches we want.

Boys Academy Update
2018-2019 academy season has been our most successful year since we entered in 2013-2014. Not because of wins and losses which overall was very good, but because of the way our teams played and competed against the best clubs in the country. The other obvious improvement has been in our training sessions where all the hard work of the players and coaches takes place. I am very happy with the improvement I have observed at our training sessions; we continue to get closer and closer to being on the same page with every team and coach, which is not the easiest of tasks.

Boys Premier Update
Two years ago, we discussed raising the level of our premier teams and we have, but there is still more work to do. And we will focus on that going forward. We have added players for next year’s teams, as some premier players have made the jump to Academy which is always a good sign. I think the biggest misconception is that we focus more on the Academy, that is not true. We offer the same level of commitment, methods and coaching at the Premier level as we do in Academy. What I think really needs to change is how our premier families and players accept what we do and how we do it, and that the only way they can benefit is by being fully committed, fall, winter, and spring. I get the sense some times that our premier families think it’s ok not to show up, take the winter off, not line up your bags, or not tuck in your shirts. The biggest change with our premier program will be to reinforce our Beachside standards and hold our players accountable.   

Pro Pathway and Relationships
We are a college placement soccer club. 90% of our players get placed, which continues to be one of the highest percentages in the country. This remains one of our top objectives. Saying this, we do have relationships all across the country with MLS clubs, in Spain and now in Argentina, for the small percentage of players who may have pro potential. When there is a player in our club who may have that potential, has physically matured & socially ready we will always help and do what is right for that player and family.   

Trip to Argentina
Our 2004 (U15) Academy and Premier teams had a fantastic experience both on and off the field. As coaches, we learned a lot and I will personally implement some new standards taken from the Argentine way of developing players. We are also working with Estudiantes Club and will be creating partnership initiatives that will benefit both. This trip, for our U15 teams, will be an annual event.    

End of Season
All of our teams have finished and our U15 Academy team is headed to US Soccer Academy Showcase in San Diego to play Vadar (central), LA United (southwest), Crossfire (northwest). Our U17 team made the Academy Playoffs will also be playing in San Diego in a bracket of four, with De Anza (southwest), Chicago Sockers (central), Carolina Rapids (southeast). We are looking forward to these games.

Final Comments
I wanted to thank the Beachside families for all their commitment, hard work, and discipline and wanted to wish them a relaxing and enjoyable summer. Players take some time off. I am very excited to get back to work with our staff to continue to improve on everything that makes this club so unique.