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Estimados alumnos,

As we are finalizing our 28th year, not only do I realize that I am getting older, but I now reflect more than ever about the amazing people that have contributed to who Beachside is today. Starting with one team in 1994 to now being recognized as a top club at the National level. We continue to place players into the NCAA at an unheard 85-90% rate. But more importantly, like the 1994 and all others thereafter, through the Beachside environment, we continue to make a positive impact on young people that last a lifetime.

Actualmente estamos en el año 20 desde que se graduó nuestro primer equipo. 20 años / equipos de ex alumnos. Nos encantaría comenzar a construir nuestra base de datos de ex-alumnos para poder mantenernos en contacto, realizar eventos de ex-alumnos y honrar todos los legados de nuestros ex-jugadores.

Espero verlos a todos muy pronto,

Mickey Kydes

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