Supporting Beachside

Beachside is a non-profit organization.

We are not a business enterprise and we do not not see our member families as customers, but rather as  partners with us in providing young athletes a valuable experience.

We charge the cost of running the program, but we are only temporary custodians for funds that are used exclusively for the benefit of our players. We are meticulous in accounting for every penny,  and extremely careful to insure that every expenditure is justified.

All of us love the game of soccer and love watching young people develop as players and people and, we believe, put in vastly more time and effort than any compensation can reflect.

We depend on donations to provide for enrichment activities (such as the visits by Sports Psychologist Darren Treasure.)

We are also committed to enabling any player to participate regardless of financial means.

So we need your financial support.

Please click the “Donate” menu item to the right.