What to Expect from Beachside

What Players Can Expect

Your coach will work very hard for you, support and encourage you, and will listen to you with respect.

You can expect to work hard too, and enjoy doing it. This includes training on your own well as in practice

You can expect team-mates who are as committed to the team as you are. Missing a practice is very unusual for a Beachside player; even a player who is injured comes to watch so that he/she can learn what they can. Missing a game, showcase or tournament, unless you are not fit to play, is unheard of.

You will become a stronger soccer player, mentally, technically and in terms of your understanding of team play. Because our coaches really understand the game, and really know how to teach, this may happen more quickly than you expect.

You will lose sometimes  but you will find that that experience makes you stronger – as a competitive player and as a person.

You can expect to have fun and make new friendships –  which may last a lifetime.

What Parents Can Expect

You can expect clear communications and a very well-organized program.

You can expect your child to be treated fairly and supportively: no need for any special advocacy on your part.

You should not expect our club staff to ask your opinion on soccer matters.

You can expect to visit New Jersey.

You can expect to make new friendships – which may last a lifetime.